I’ve always been a bit of a renaissance man with far too many interests. Look around my site and you’ll see that I enjoy writing—but have far too little time to do it often. I also love photography—but lack the funds or time to do it even as a serious hobbyist. I also have unhealthy obsessions with geology, maps, politics, local history, and archaeology.  And though my time is usually pretty limited, I am finally free to catch up on reading the hundreds of books I’ve bought over the years. That, added to many recent books that pique my interest, means I could read a book a minute and never run out!

My education was just as wide-ranging as my interests. My undergraduate work at the University of Delaware included majors in English and anthropology, minors in history and political science, and two years of Russian! (Но не ожидайте меня говорить по-русски!) I followed up with a master’s in English and publishing at Rosemont College, where I studied digital design, nonfiction writing, editorial practice, and…poetry! Beyond college, I continue to learn as much as I possibly can about everything I can.

I should be able to keep myself pretty busy exploring Vermont for a while, learning about the people, places, nature, and history of this uniquely awesome state. I also hope to explore Montreal and Boston as soon as I can.  Follow these adventures and more on my blog.


In 2012, I moved into the world of STEM publishing, first as a Production Editor for two years and now as a Technology Support Specialist.

As a Production Editor, I coordinated content as it published online and in print for one major account. There was a lot of quality control, troubleshooting, deciphering XML, and coordinating corrections and resupplies with our composition team and hosting vendors. Working on the deliverables side of things, it made sense to go further into the technology behind it, so I became a Technology Support Specialist in January 2015.

As a Technology Support Specialist, I manage the deliverables aspect for both new customer setups and smaller projects to change style, content types, or hosts for existing customers. Much of my time is spent researching and reconciling customer and vendor changes to ensure accurate deliverables, right down to the XML. There are few dull moments—very often, I’m glued to my chair from 8:30 to 4:30, save for a few meetings here and there.

I continue to do occasional freelance work in web design and production (sample), as well as book design and composition (sample). I have training in the Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat Pro.

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