Grad School

Okay, it’s getting rather close to time to choose a grad school… since I’m now entering my final year at UD.

I could probably beg my way into UD. They require a 3.5 GPA overall, and a 3.5 GPA for all English courses. I have over a 3.5 in my English courses, but will likely barely make a 3.0 overall. The GRE would be important—and I’ve not taken any standardized test since 1989! I would not need funding though, and that may be bonus points for me. I’d still get two classes free per semester for working for subsistance wages at UD, but I’d have to pay for a third course if I take one.

I would eventually get a PhD in English if I go to UD. That would preclude me from ever getting a teaching job at UD, though. At the same time, I’m not sure if I want to be stuck in academia for 35 years until retirement. Sure the pay is good, but bureaucracy is so mentally stifling. (My same reason for cringing every time someone tells me I should become a librarian—sorry Susanne!) I could have stayed in banking if I wanted that kind of atmosphere.

What’s looking more appealing is a little school called Rosemont College. By day it’s a Catholic girls college, but by night it’s an adult-friendly graduate school. The program I’m looking at is a masters in English and (online) publishing. It’s more practical and means I could hopefully get a job that allows creativity and good pay. If not, I could still go back for a PhD elsewhere after I get the masters.

The school would be about a 40 minute drive up to North Philly (Just past IKEA on 476). No big deal at all for a few days a week. SEPTA’s out for that though—it would be two trains and almost 2 hours of travel!

Decisions, decisions. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

On the plus and less stressful side, I’m on vacation today. It’s payday and I had lots of errands to run, and some shopping to do. My kitchen makes Mother Hubbard look like a pack-rat. I also get to try Moe’s Southwestern Grille today—kind of Maui Taco like place, and I’ve missed Maui Taco ever since it closed years ago!


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