Empire State of Mind

The dream is still alive. I hesitate to call it a dream, because honestly, it’s a necessity. New York is still where I have to be.

You see, I’m about $65,000 in debt for my education. Never having the opportunity to just be a student, I also worked myself to the edge of insanity and poor health to get the skills needed for the career I want in publishing. Where else but New York?

I haven’t given up, and there are always plenty of prospects. I have applied for quite a few, but not nearly enough. It’s not easy applying for positions in publishing, particularly editorial jobs, because everything must be pure perfection. (Hello? Editorial!?) Add to that the fact that most companies have intricate application processes (with some even including grammar tests), and I’m often looking at a three to four hour process for EACH position. It would be easy to assume that they simply want to hire someone who really doesn’t have enough work to do already, but I fully understand most of the difficulties placed on applicants.

At any rate, working full-time and trying to stay healthy and sane tend to keep me from applying for half the positions I want. Part-time work on the side just to keep my skills and creative drive up-to-date sometimes makes the percentage even lower. It’s just how life is—and for me, how life has always been.

It’s easy to see why some people see life—at least improving life—as hopeless. Luckily I’m the type that always sees some hope in every situation, or I’d be a nuthouse by now. (And even then, Direct Student Loans would be calling for a payment.)

But I’m still coming, New York. Eventually. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I feel like I’m already there.


Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z + Alicia Keys] (Explicit)

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